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Counsellors at The Meridian centre South Birmingham

Anne Palmer- Integrative counsellor

Therapy with Anne is a way of working through emotional difficulties, so that you gain a clearer understanding and feel more connected to yourself and others.
Her way of working is relational, which means placing the person at the heart of therapy and building a trusting relationship where emotional needs can be explored.
Her experience includes working as an Integrative therapist working in private practice with adults and young people. Anne has over ten years’ experience in the voluntary and agency sectors in Birmingham, counselling clients from 18 to 80. She is a professional and empathetic counsellor who offers a safe space to explore emotional difficulties in confidence.
Her experience also includes 4 years as a Youth Counsellor with 18-25 year olds in the voluntary sector in Birmingham City.
A Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Tamika Lake- Integrative Counsellor

A registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling) and Accredited Member for the Foundation for Infant Loss; providing a safe and nurturing counselling service built on compassion and respect.
Holding over 10 years of experience of supporting various groups of people, encompassing: supporting families with learning disabilities to avoid social exclusion, supporting people with mental health back into work and providing counselling for Cedar Counselling and My Time CIC.
I am passionate about helping people to resolve issues caused by overwhelming experiences. We can work together to understand and resolve obstacles, moving towards change and healing.

David Gill- CBT counsellor

David come from an NHS background, working in an IAPT service with children and adults. David believes in challenging negative beliefs and thoughts and finding creative solutions to move forward. He is fully trained in CBT. He believes in looking closely at thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how they interlink, as well as experimenting with new ways of being outside of sessions, change is possible.

Dianne Smith- Gestalt psychotherapist

Dianne has been a UKCP reg. Gestalt psychotherapist for over 20 years. She specialises in working with trauma, working with the body and the mind. Shen draws on mindfulness and sensorimotor techniques to help clients resolve trauma both recent and in the past. She worked as a principle therapist for 10 years at Woman's Aid mainly with survivors of domestic violence.

Jenny Prescott- Integrative Counsellor

Through her work with clients and her own personal experience, Jenny understands how difficult life can feel. Sharing problems with someone can help you through difficult times in your life.
As an experienced counsellor Jenny will work with you to help make those difficulties become more manageable.
Working together we can find positive ways forward. All sessions take place in a welcoming, accepting and non-judgemental environment, providing a comfortable space for you to explore your issues.
As an Integrative Counsellor, Jenny believes there is no single approach that suits everyone. She tailors her work to your specific needs and work effectively with each person in a unique and individual way.
Life can feel very challenging and sometimes overwhelming, but change is possible. She feels privileged to be a part of her clients’ journeys, and hopes to be a positive part of your journey too.

Nicole Kerremans- Integrative Counsellor

At times, life can be difficult. Sadness, anxiety, a lack of confidence, difficulty with relationships and many other issues can overwhelm us. Talking to friends and family can be enough, but talking to a supportive independent 'stranger' often seems easier. Nicole has learnt from experience that opening up and starting to make sense of thoughts and feelings can be a difficult but very rewarding process.

In a confidential and non-judgmental setting she can offer you support exploring any issues you may struggle with. Nicole believes we are all individuals and no two people are the same. Paying attention to your individual experience and really trying to understand this is very important to her, as we can often be left feeling we need to live up to people's expectations.
Taking the first step to seeing a counsellor can be difficult so feel free to have an initial session with Nicole, to see how she can help.

Kathryn Smith- Person Centred psychotherapist

Kathryn trained on a 4-year part time post graduate course at Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute. This involved academic, experiential and clinical requirements culminating in registration with the UKCP.
She qualified as a social worker in 1996 and has worked in a variety of settings with adults experiencing a variety of mental and physical health problems and their carers.
She has an interest in grief, including the experience of loss and change more broadly, particularly the ways in which people respond and adjust to life events. During her counselling training she worked at a hospice providing counselling to those diagnosed with life limiting illness, to significant people in their lives and those who had been bereaved.
As a volunteer with a counselling charity she worked with individuals who are referred by health professionals or who self refer as they are struggling to get by day to day. This generally involves the experience of a range of feelings and thoughts that are distressing or unsettling. They represent a disruption to the way in which we think, behave and feel about ourselves and relationships with others.

She feels it is important to enable you to choose what to talk about. Kathryn believes we can all work out what is important for you at any given time. Her work may focus on helping you to hear and see yourself more clearly. Her approach is to listen carefully; working with you to create an environment that supports you in learning more about yourself and the possibilities for change. As part of the work she may share her observations on aspects of our work together, disclose striking or persistent thoughts and feelings to see whether and how these may be relevant and invite you to notice the way in which thoughts and feelings present themselves. She does this to support your involvement in the therapy together with your right to choose how the therapy proceeds.

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